Hair Clips

Raven Skull Hair Clips

Add an element of mystery to your outfit with raven skull hair clips. The artist uses careful precision and intricate details to create raven skull hair clips that look identical to authentic bone. The 2.75” hair clips will securely fasten to any hair type, creating a hauntingly beautiful look.

Raven Ranch Studio uses the best quality materials for every piece. Durable resin cast makes the clips appear stunningly realistic while remaining completely cruelty-free. Each barrette is extremely durable, secure, and long-lasting.

The artist sands and paints each clip to emit a rustic and authentic appearance. Completely unique and undeniably alluring, our raven skull hair clips can help you achieve the soul-stirring ambiance you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in adding beautiful raven accessories to your style, place an order with Raven Ranch Studio today. For a selection of more raven skull-themed decor and apparel, visit our gallery.