Super Mini Raven Skull Earrings

The symbolic meaning of the raven in Native American Indian lore and also Viking lore is one of change and transformation, they are considered to be a bearer of magic and a harbinger of messages from the spirit world. The raven is sometimes considered to be a trickster and is one of the smartest animals on our planet.

The mini skulls created for these earrings are a resin casting of a real raven skull that has been shrunk down from original size to 1.5" using shrinking compounds in a special re-casting process. With close attention to detail and intricate precision, these earrings are painted and lightly sanded to look identical to real raven skulls and to have a beautiful rustic and natural appearance. The metal hook earring hardware is nickel free so you can feel comfortable while adding a beautiful addition to your attire. These bird skull earrings are the perfect piece for everyday wear or even that special finishing touch for a halloween costume or event outfit.

Skull size: 1.5"
Ready to ship in 1-3 business days. Packaged in a small gift box and includes a free sticker.