Rat Skull Earrings

Rats are extremely smart creatures and learn quickly where to find food, to escape from tight places, and also to hide in small and restricted areas. The Native Americans honored the rat totem for their dexterity, agility, speed, and intelligence. Rats are often times looked down upon due to their connection to unhygienic conditions, the plague, and even the apocalypse. In some countries though, finding rats in your home are considered to be omens of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. 

To honor this dynamic little creature and connect with its power and intelligence, adorn yourself with these darkly unique rodent skull earrings featuring stunning resin cast rat skulls.

The rat skull bone resin replica earrings have been cast in resin from a real rat skull capturing all of the intricate details of the original. The finishing touches and attention to detail make these replicas look exactly like a real bone skulls. A small hole drilled through the top rear of each 1.25" skull so that they can be hung from nickel free wire earring hooks. Unlike real bone, the durability of resin will allow you to cherish this handmade piece of wearable art for years to come. This beautifully morbid rodent skull accessory has a very authentic and natural looking real bone appearance and will complement any goth, witchy or alternative fashion look if you want to turn heads and start conversations.

Ready to ship in 1-3 business days. Packaged in a small gift box and includes a free sticker.