Mini Raven Skull Necklace w/ Painted Beak

The symbolic meaning of the raven in Native American Indian lore and also Viking lore is one of change and transformation, they are considered to be a bearer of magic and a harbinger of messages from the spirit world. The raven is sometimes considered to be a trickster and is one of the smartest animals on our planet.

This resin replica raven skull necklace is made from a casting of a real raven skull and is the perfect piece for everyday wear or even that special finishing touch for a cosplay character or halloween costume. Measuring 2.75" inches, this raven skull has been shrunk down using a special shrinking process from the original size to make the perfect accessory if you are looking for a skull necklace that is more of a modest statement piece compared to the attention grabbing full size option also available for purchase. The finishing touches and gorgeous fine detail make this eco-friendly bird skull replica look exactly like a real bone skull.

Crated from durable urethane resin, this handmade 2.75” raven skull pendant looks identical to an actual raven skull and will last for years to come. This piece has been sanded and painted, giving it a rustic and natural appearance. This skull replica has a painted black beak with a small hole drilled in the rear of the skull. The skull is hung from an 18” blackenamel plated chain with a lobster clasp. With a blending of blacks, browns, and tans, this cruelty-free piece will certainly provide your style with an eerily beautiful touch.

Skull size: 2.75"
Ready to ship in 1-3 business days. Packaged in a small gift box and includes a free sticker.