11 Aug 2021

Raven Ranch Studio Best Sellers: The Top 3

Raven Ranch Studio Best Sellers: The Top 3

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Discover your next favorite unique accessory.

Original in design, Raven Ranch Studio pieces can be your cherished everyday staple or the perfect occasional statement. Artist created cruelty-free bird skull accessories have become overwhelmingly popular and are trending all over social media. I have been working hard to keep up with the increased demand and have a lot of new skull designs to launch in the coming months that I am very excited about. Connecting with my customers around the world, I am grateful for the enthusiasm for my work and have received some insightful feedback on what you all would like to see for new designs. While rolling out my new bird skull creations, I also continue to focus on and put a lot of effort into my long standing top sellers. I wanted to spend some time here highlighting the 3 most popular bird skull pieces that I have constantly been restocking in my shop over the years.

I have created many designs since I started resin casting and creating skull jewelry. Over the years, I have had a lot of success making jewelry with my resin castings of crow skulls, rat skulls, mink femurs, bat skulls, and hummingbird skulls. I’ve also created larger castings of raccoon and kitten skulls among other things. Despite having success selling these pieces and enjoying making them, nothing has been as popular as my skull castings and jewelry creations of the raven skull. My resin raven skulls are meticulously detailed and look just like a real raven skull. So many of my customers leave reviews or message me to tell me how many comments they get when they wear these skulls. They tell me that everyone thinks they are real! I’m very proud of these top sellers and hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about them.


2.75” Raven Skull Necklace
This raven skull necklace is hand cast from a real raven skull and then shrunk down to a smaller size. The original skull was 3.5" before it was shrunk down to this more delicate looking 2.75" size. All of the same fine detail and proportions are captured in the mini version of this beautiful raven skull. The detail in this skull replica is top notch and the fine details are astounding. This one is also a popular Christmas gift idea!

3.5” Raven Skull Necklace
An eye catching show-stopping piece. This is the full-size life-size raven skull necklace. Popular with those looking to draw attention and make a statement. Perfect for lovers of goth and alternative style to wear as an everyday staple. The detail in this skull replica is incredible and it looks eerily real. I have had science teachers and museum curators purchase these to display because they look so realistic. This is the one you want if you would like to turn heads!

2.75” Raven Skull Hair Clip
Similar the the 2.75” raven skull necklace, the raven skull hair clip is hand cast from a real raven skull and then shrunk down to a smaller size. The original skull was 3.5" before it was shrunk down to this more delicate looking 2.75" size, making it perfect for a darkly beautiful bird skull hair accessory. The beauty of this hair clip is that it not only looks stunning in the hair, but can be clipped on to a variety of things wherever you might need a touch of unique style. I make a lot of these for brides to wear for goth or woodland theme weddings. This hair clip compliments any style and is so gorgeous!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the top sellers at Raven Ranch Studio, I hope you will continue to watch my jewelry company grow!


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